African Employment Markets: Highly Fragmented and Lacking Transparency

Organisations are faced with a multitude of challenges when it comes to identifying suitable employees with matching qualifications in African countries and cities. African employment markets are highly fragmented, increasing the difficulty for organizations to find new employees with specific skills efficiently, given the high number of job seekers applying to a fraction of available… Continue reading African Employment Markets: Highly Fragmented and Lacking Transparency

Meet afringa in Kigali Rwanda @ Kinyarwanda

In Kinyarwanda: Meet our afringa user Emmanuel from Kigali Rwanda and get an exclusive impression from Kigali. On afringa you can find a career that you will love. Explore our job opportunities and build an African professional network. All on afringa. Welcome afringa in #kigali #rwanda and in #kinyarwanda – #careersmadeinafrica JOIN US TODAY and… Continue reading Meet afringa in Kigali Rwanda @ Kinyarwanda

Sneak peek on afringa jobs feature!

Take a sneak peek at our newest #afringa jobs feature (Launching soon). Sign up your free afringa career profile now to benefit from this new feature: 

afringa November Update

afringa continues development and implementation of the new ‘Jobs’ feature. Soon, you will be able to find and apply for jobs, with you personal afringa profile. In addition, companies will be able to post their jobs and receive applications through afringa, as well. Every day, we are counting new afringa members and company profiles. Stay tuned… Continue reading afringa November Update

Why have I created afringa?

Hello Africa – this is afringa! afringa is an online business and career platform, aiming to create social value across the African continent and to increase trust in African businesses and people. I have started afringa because I believe the future belongs to African students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, and Africans living abroad. afringa aims… Continue reading Why have I created afringa?