Why have I created afringa?

Hello Africa – this is afringa!

afringa is an online business and career platform, aiming to create social value across the African continent and to increase trust in African businesses and people.

I have started afringa because I believe the future belongs to African students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, and Africans living abroad.

afringa aims to address their needs by applying latest technology to help Africans on their path to a successful career.

With their success, they will also contribute to improve conditions for subsequent generations throughout African communities. No question, that these developments will attract international enterprises and investors to take a closer look at African countries – eventually ending up in new jobs and industries.

afringa will feature a dedicated education section that will provide registered users with specific suggestions on how to enhance their professional career profile through additional education. This can be classroom education such as universities close to their current position (GPS), or free online education courses, in case classroom education is unavailable. They will be able to choose from free education as well as private education offers.

The afringa platform is currently still at an early stage. Soon it will have additional features, such as company profiles, jobs, groups and education.

I want to make afringa the number one online platform for African students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, companies and Africans living abroad, to help them on their professional career paths.

Finally, I would like to ask you to sign up for free and provide your critical feedback, as well as to spread the word about afringa among your family, friends and colleagues.


Thank you in advance for your support.


Victor Thien
Founder of afringa


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