Update on afringa

Dear afringa users,

it’s been a while. The afringa team is continuing to make changes every day according to your feedback. We are talking to business people and entrepreneurs across the African continent to better understand how afringa can help you manage your business life.

Soon, we are going to roll out a ‘Company Profile’ feature. With this feature, African companies will have the opportunity to create a virtual representation on afringa, post updates, inform users about their products and services and in the future even post jobs, etc.

Subsequently, a group functionality and education platform will follow. Stay tuned! We have a laundry list of new features rolling out from now until July.

We are targeting to make afringa the number one source for African professionals and entrepreneurs. However, we need your help to spread the word among your friends and colleagues and on social media platforms.

Do reach out to us anytime if you have questions or feedback.

If you haven’t signed up your free afringa account yet, please do so and provide your feedback: https://www.afringa.com/ 

The afringa team

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