afringa November Update

afringa continues development and implementation of the new ‘Jobs’ feature. Soon, you will be able to find and apply for jobs, with you personal afringa profile. In addition, companies will be able to post their jobs and receive applications through afringa, as well. Every day, we are counting new afringa members and company profiles. Stay tuned… Continue reading afringa November Update

April update: Let’s make Africa a great place for business

Get a sneak peek on afringa’s new company profile feature today. The company profile will allow African companies to create a unique profile to promote their products and services and to communicate with their customers and followers. Stay tuned for more information! For a sneak peek on how the company profile will look like, you can… Continue reading April update: Let’s make Africa a great place for business

Update and welcome to all new afringa users!

For all new afringa users: I would like to personally thank you for joining afringa! Please feel free to reach out any time if you have questions, require clarifications or want to provide your feedback. We are here to help you! We have reached a very small stepping stone towards a trusted African professional network… Continue reading Update and welcome to all new afringa users!

Why have I created afringa?

Hello Africa – this is afringa! afringa is an online business and career platform, aiming to create social value across the African continent and to increase trust in African businesses and people. I have started afringa because I believe the future belongs to African students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, and Africans living abroad. afringa aims… Continue reading Why have I created afringa?

Update on afringa

Dear afringa users, it’s been a while. The afringa team is continuing to make changes every day according to your feedback. We are talking to business people and entrepreneurs across the African continent to better understand how afringa can help you manage your business life. Soon, we are going to roll out a ‘Company Profile’ feature.… Continue reading Update on afringa

Hello Africa – Hello afringa

Hello world, hello Africa! This is the first entry in our blog. What is afringa? afringa aims to provide a platform for Africa’s business woman and men, the African entrepreneurs and so many others on the African continent. afringa differentiates itself by emphasizing education. We believe that the lack of education is one of the root causes for problems across… Continue reading Hello Africa – Hello afringa